Category: WooCommerce

How to restrict coupon by user roles in WooCommerce

This article shows how to restrict coupon by user roles via extending the core functionality of WooCommerce coupons, adding an extra field to restrict the coupon usage with a set list of user roles

WooCommerce Shopping Cart Donation

This article will show you how to Add a Donation input field to WooCommerce cart page, Allowing customers to round their shopping cart to the nearest £ with a donation.

How to automatically apply WooCommerce coupons

This article shows you how to extending WooCommerce coupons to automatically add them to customers basket if the conditions are met. The code in this article is a good base which can easily be extend to add extra conditions. WooCommerce has been built to easily allow developers to extend and create useful extensions

Limit WooCommerce order quantity by minimum / maximum

A handy code snippet to easily limit WooCommerce order quantity by minimum and maximum rules globally, or set different order quantity limits on a per product / product category basis.

Show more products per page on WooCommerce product archive

WordPress code snippet to change the number of products per page on WooCommerce product archive

Adding WooCommerce Products custom fields

Taking you through the basics of registering custom fields on WooCommerce Products, adding custom fields to variable products, adding fields to the bulk edit screen , adding a custom field to quick edit screen, and display with a custom admin column

Change WooCommerce variable product price range to only show minimum price

How to change the default WooCommerce product variation price to display only the minimum price instead of the price range on both the product archive and single product pages.

Search Woocommerce Products by sku and custom fields

Extend WooCommerce’s basic search functionality to also include searching for product sku, and any other custom fields