Step-by-step Guide to displaying WordPress Rest API posts in a React WordPress theme

Part 2 in a series on Creating a React WordPress theme, how to display WordPress Rest API Posts listed with infinite scroll to paginate, along with single post view.

Create a React WordPress theme using babel and webpack

Part 1 in a series on Creating a React WordPress theme, how to build and run React inside a WordPress theme using Babel and Webpack.

Show more products per page on WooCommerce product archive

WordPress code snippet to change the number of products per page on WooCommerce product archive

Convert images to WebP using PHP

PHP code snippet to convert jpeg, png and gif images to the modern image format WebP.

Adding WooCommerce Products custom fields

Taking you through the basics of registering custom fields on WooCommerce Products, adding custom fields to variable products, adding fields to the bulk edit screen , adding a custom field to quick edit screen, and display with a custom admin column

Change WooCommerce variable product price range to only show minimum price

How to change the default WooCommerce product variation price to display only the minimum price instead of the price range on both the product archive and single product pages.

Local WordPress development environment using Docker compose

How to create a docker compose configuration that combines WordPress, MySQL, Adminer, and Mailcatcher containers into a local WordPress development environment.

WordPress and xDebug Dockerfile

Extend the default WordPress docker container and install and configure the xdebug extension to work with PHPStorm.

Avoid caching issues when debugging WordPress themes scripts or style sheets

Automatically append the current time onto the end of queued scripts and styles when debug mode is enabled.

Search Woocommerce Products by sku and custom fields

Extend WooCommerce’s basic search functionality to also include searching for product sku, and any other custom fields