WooCommerce Advanced Product Attributes Plugin

Colour Swatches, Images, or Text Atributes

Transform your default WooCommerce product attributes into colour swatches, images, or buttons.

Grouped Attributes

Have lots of product attributes displayed on your products, why not display them in groups to make it easier for customers to understand.

Attribute Management Groups

Dont want to manually load every attribute onto each product, with attribute management groups you can create a set of attributes that you can then easily bulk load onto any product.

Plugin Features

Style Editor

Customise the display of attributes with the built in style editor, allowing you to change theme colours, and sizing.

Attribute Thumbnails

Convert the default attribute dropdowns to display as a list of images allowing you to upload an image per attribute term.

Attribute Colour Swatches

Using our colour selector, easily choose the desired colour swatch to be displayed on your products attributes.

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WooCommerce Advanced Product Attributes Plugin is available now from the CodeCanyon market place.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can i have more than one attribute group?

You can have as many attribute groups as you need, all product attributes including groups are output in the additional product information tab.